Zero Le Tigre

Zero Le Tigre -

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Zero Le Tigre

Fermi paradox, my ass! If aliens haven’t bothered to contact us all this time, it’s because they’ve been attending our nocturnal orgies, stunned. Befriending, boozing, banging... Those little green men must be having a blast. Or… hold on!
Maybe they aren’t the only ones watching us. There is also that mother-fucking omniscient quantum computer that revived us out of love. Yes, that’s it! We’re just the virtual resonances of ancient entities that get trashed every weekend. Unless the opossum creator is behind all this. You know, the one you run into in a mystical momentum, in front of parking lots in the city on dog days. OK, let’s be honest, you probably have better things to do than read this comic.
I dunno, go home and clean some shit up, vacuum, call your family, give a buddy a hand, love your neighbor…
Then, if you’ve never met the strange Enfant Fourmi (Ant Kid), if black holes that open up directly onto Seine-et-Marne intrigue you, if you think that latent schizophrenia is related to the Higgs boson, then take a look at it… you never know.


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