Votre Utopie Est Notre Dystopie

Lacustre - Votre Utopie Est Notre Dystopie

D!HR-51 / CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 / 2021-07-05
Votre Utopie Est Notre Dystopie

For its 51st release, Da ! Heard It Records navigates troubled waters. “Lacustrine: of, relating to, or living in a lake.”
With Votre utopie est notre dystopie (“Your utopia is our dystopia”), it’s hard to tell whether Johan Sébenne sees his lake half full or half empty. However, we can guess he likes to take shelter there whenever he can.
Sometimes clear, sometimes dark or swirling in strange backwashes, the waves he brings to the surface remind him of quite real memories, those of pieces often finalized from a train’s bench. Thus, between two dives into these long drones that oscillate along with the sonorous currents, the listener magically finds themselves on the rails, next to Johan who finishes stirring the depths. Recorded from the wagon, these field recordings that enamel the album in as many interludes that function like small breaths between these long solitary apneas. Above all, the ensemble thus constructed reminds one that a utopia is still accessible: to leave for the space of fiftyish minutes way beyond what one had imagined!
Germain (text)
Danielle Josset (translation)
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Artwork by Lila Ehjä
Mastering par Geoffroy Montel
Duplication par William Nurdin
Illustration par Lila Ehjä