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Ben et Béné / Trip to Trip

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Bleep bleep punks Ben and Béné are piling up demos recorded in their kitchen since 2003. For the release of their EP on the Parisian net-label Da ! Heard It Records, they decided this time to pack up mics, computers and gameboy in their car.
A few months later, this improvised move gave birth to Trip to Trip: 4 titles and 4 videos on a cd/dvd tracing their realistico-imaginary journey through 4 cities: a crime in Brest, a return to their roots in Comines-Komen (a Franco-Belgian city from their origins), a documentary on Paris and a dream in Boubek (imaginary town, half norman, half northern) on which they invited a native to set voice and text. True to their wacky minds, Trip to Trip is pop melodies, punk rage, a free spirit and 8bit sounds. An energetic voyage that will give you a taste for vacation...

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Mastering par : Momoseb - Pochette par : Ben et bénéDate de sortie : 2007-04-14

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