Ersreverotua Vol. 2



?Goto80 is Anders Carlsson, born in Sweden. He grew up in the underground computer subculture called the demoscene on the Amiga, C64, Gameboy and PC since the early 1990's. Soon he was developing a relationship especially with the Commodore 64 where his brain and the soundchips would form a buggy and dirty relationship.
Already in his early teens he would explore musical styles ranging from ambient through cheesy 1980's music through to gabber and noisy breaks.
After his first first vinyl release in 2001 he gained a reputation outside the geek communities, and also started performing live.
He kept expanding the boundaries of chip music to work with several retarded musical styles, and added more vocals.
His music has also been heard under alot of other names, such as the lo-fi c64 guitar band Superdöner and the vocal micropop duo HT.
Just as in the demoscene, he collaborates alot with visual artists, especially Entter and Jossystem to do live shows that at this point are far from silent nerdery and videogame nostalgia.
Goto80 still tries to push the boundaries of the 8-bit sound and has by now developed an unmatched skill of abusing different music genres with his personal chip-music touch.
In 2007 he's performed about 100 shows and made about 40 releases - most of them for free download.