Marc de Blanchard

Activité Animale

Marc de Blanchard - Activité Animale

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Marc de Blanchard
Activité Animale

Activité Animale is an obsessive and heady album organized around nine tracks (and one bonus !) with a crescendo intensity promising a paroxystic transe.
This second opus brings us in a mystical adventure carried by a brutal and heavy bass tainted of an ingenious mixture of stolen animal and sciencefiction sounds. A well orchestrated alternation of organic and synthetic sounds evolving on rhythm form IDM to techno and disco to rockabilly.
Activité Animale tells us about transformation from man to animal, a frightening absurd metamorphosis creating a necessary humility to an open travel where everything is possible. Consider this album as a skillfully build up journey releasing your deeper animal instincts.
In fact Activité Animale is first if all an invitation to discover the « galactic zoo » universe of Marc de Blanchard, kingdom of laser tigers and leopards hearts !
Within this 22nd release, Da ! Heard It Records is promising once again a nice sound and visual adventure. Prepare your grooming to a kicky expedition trough the farthest reaches of your animality.

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Artwork by
Mastering par Thomas Bloyet - Artwork par Marc et Marie Présentent