Astronaut Mom

Poborsk - Astronaut Mom

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Astronaut Mom

Da ! Heard It has the honor of publishing the nth opus of Poborsk, who’s been dedicated for a long time and with obstination to fabricating a synthetic music very of today. IDM may be thirty years old, but Poborsk keeps the course on an aesthetic in line with the present, always inventive and in search of the unheard of!

At the threshold of the adventure, each side of the cassette opens with an introduction evoking the water drums, which agitates our ears like a spinning at 1400 rpm. Entering another world shakes one up.

After this, the middle is aquatic, fresh, and artificial. The sonorities are abstract, deformed by the successive treatments, stretched by the granular synthesis that gives them this gracile and disembodied timbre, as if hollowed out. The characters are well-meaning, but a bit cold and distant; they evolve in a clean and glossy world where the rhythms are acrobatics.

Poborsk often names his releases inspired by events that happen in his life, like his album Waiting for Junior when he was expecting his first child. Astronaut Mom is thus named in reference to his mother, recently placed in a retirement home. LIke an astronaut, she needs oxygen, and she surveys the limits of the world as we know it. This cassette is thus also a little cosmis and metaphysical trip. WIll you dare to venture into it?

Nils (text)
Danielle Josset (translation)

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Artwork by Poborsk
Mastering par Fabien Meunier
Duplicate par William Nurdin