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Active in the IDM spheres since the beginning of the 2000s via albums released on Pastiq Passion and Audio Aubergine, Thomas Lanza dropped everything a few years later to become a skweee instructor. Originating from the Nordic countries, this micro musical style gleefully blends slowed-down hip hop rhythms, synthetic textures, and oriental influences for a result that is as dancing as it is unexpected.

After going down quite a few tracks for the genre’s pioneer labels Harmönia, Flogsta Danshall…), he started the Mazout structure in 2009, to which an entire series of 45s is dedicated. In this collection, one naturally finds some of his pieces, but also some by Mesak, Daniel Savio, Vicnet, and Poborsk, as well as a collaboration of Thomas with the latter under the name Cuverville.

In 2017, Wankers United finally takes the time to move on to the bigger format: after his first skweee album, which was released with American label Ausland, he offers Da ! Heard It Records a selection of electronic pearls with a groove as funky as it is deliciously acid.