Finger Bueno

Infecticide - Finger Bueno

D!HR-45 / CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 / 2020-02-08 / 12" (France) / 12" (World) / flac / mp3 / bandcamp / youtube /

Finger Bueno

For its 45th release, Da ! Heard It Records cultivates a taste for brawls.
A bewildered small girl, discovering for the first time the taste of shit. Does the sleeve’s illustration drawn by Nils Bertho announce that the worst is yet to come?
In the disturbing time that is life, in this era, in which each selfishly seeks the shortest way to the fulfilment of their impulses, it becomes increasingly normal to get the jitters, which are sometimes full of hate…
When sad clowns take on lews looks, lost in ramblings, leading lunacy, Infecticide reminds us that there is still time to put a finger where it triggers vomiting with Finger Bueno.
It’s no longer time for kisses, the trio plays rock-paper-scissors and unsheathes the rocks. Thrown against all that is sinister, the lyrics of this new album hit with humor, supported by basses thick as cinder blocks, where guitar frictions fuses in all directions.
Straightforward and obsessional texts, an ultra-polished production focused on efficiency: the first vinyl release by Da ! Heard It has the allure of a very compact disc.
In 8 solid tracks, martial and martian rhythms invite the public to defy the laws of gravity to go elsewhere, far away from this cul-de-shitsac world.
Germain (texte)
Danielle Josset (traduction)

12" (France) 12" (World) Donate flac mp3 bandcamp youtube

Artwork by Nils Bertho
Mastering par Léonard Lelièvre