Cachette A Branlette

Dry Rot Acid Of Hope

Cachette A Branlette - Dry Rot Acid Of Hope


Cachette A Branlette / Dry Rot Acid Of Hope

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For its 49th release, Da ! Heard It Records is nailing it.

How can you talk seriously about a project whose name sounds like the butt of a dumb schoolboy joke? Emphasize how well the pieces come together? How it all hits you in the face? Conspicuously make a typo when mentioning something about “public focus”?

Just like everyone else, after jerking around for too long, the editor might end up dry...

So let’s get down to it: Florian Steiner enjoys the solitary pleasure of locking himself in with his machines to obsessively fiddle with buttons. This Cachette à Branlette (“fap stash”) really does emit strange sounds: melodies straight out of IDM and electro culture thread their way around tablecloths dirtied by a gross detuning, or even textures soiled by saturation. Beneath the well-polished sleeve by Greg Kaz Delaure, a nod to the movie posters of 70s French porn, the album gives off a certain urgency to produce, and quite a bit of excitement. It’s all up to you to spread the pleasure.

Dry Rot Acid Of Hope, Da ! Heard It Records’ 49th release is distributed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license.
The album is available for download and listening for free at the following address: https://www.daheardit-records.net/en/discography/dhr-49

Mastering par Fabien Meunier
Communiqué de presse par Germain
Traduction par Danielle Josset
Illustration : Greg Kaz Delaure
Date de sortie : 2021-03-22

Cette œuvre est mise à disposition selon les termes de la Licence Creative Commons Attribution - Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale - Pas de Modification 4.0 France.