Autoreverse - Ersreverotua

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Autoreverse, Esreverotua !!!!! Def: It’s the auto-organization of reversal. It’s the South Pole of a planet whose North pole comprises a glacier of uniform forces and monster-certainties with monotonous teeth: an incredibly deep cold sea populated with associated whales, seals prone to voluntary weakness, fish with folds, and big bears flipped over on their backs, who of course speak backwards, overwatched by mountains in free fall. What jumps to the ears and eyes is the tranquility with which the universe that comes to life under in the imagination under the influence of the passions generated by this duo mortgages all resorts to virtuosity, contributes to the expiration of the fetishist meticulousness of a certain self-satisfying experimental music. It’s almost Fourier’s sea turned into lemonade; it’s the sound territory changed into something that doesn’t yet exist.
In other words, it’s the collage of two practices of sounds that had each reached their point of incandescence. It’s the association of two deep masteries that, through what they generate, heat the disorganization to a burning self-sabotage in order to find something new. And in this heat, in this furnace of jeopardy, ,on one face, the other, and from live show to live show, has resulted an new alloy: oho, it’s brand new, pschhh whistling and crashing in the ears’ water bucket, braaaoum avalanche gliding down that scares away the partridges and pigeons sleeping in the suburbs of the aural chaos!!!
Thomas Dunoyer de Segonzac (text)
Danielle Josset (translation)

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Artwork by Hélène Marian
Mastering par Fabien Meunier
Mix par Etienne Foyer
Duplication par William Nurdin