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Debmaster / Crevin

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With his new opus CREVIN, Debmaster, both inspired and inspiring, gives
a kick in the ass to “Dancefloor” music. In continuation with Crev’ Sessions
(under ex-label BriEfcAse Tockers), CREVIN presents itself today as the
fermata of Crev philosohy, a philosophy for which Sammy Stein offers a
definition through the cover he drew.
Dirty and stubborn hip-hop beats tinted with arpeggic bleep bleeps for a
dark yet dancing result. CREVIN is falsly awkward, a worked looseness,
the antonym of Swag.
It’s a definite nod of the head for the fine amateurs of hip-hop and electro,
but also for all the lovers of off-the-wall nights, where sweat mixes genres
in a quest for shared discovery. Because CREVINis eclecticism at its
foundation and the promise of a blissful marriage of several horizons, for
the better and for the worse.

Mastering par : Darren Keen - Pochette par : Sammy SteinIllustration : Sammy Stein
Date de sortie : 2013-02-25

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