Eat Rabbit - Kiss the Dolphin


Illustration : Eat Rabbit

D!HR-10 - 2009-03-27

Eat Rabbit

Kiss the Dolphin

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À propos de la sortie

Da ! Heard It Records gets down to a higher tempo, with the tenth release of the label: Kiss The Dolphin
Kiss the Dolphin is the third album of the Lyon-based Eat Rabbit; atypical one, cut into fourteen tracks that finally merge into one unique sound piece. A mish-mash of beats and rythmic madness, lined up with humor and brilliance by a mad rabbit determined to boost our auditive adrenalin.
The album cover is silkscreened and paw-made in a limited numbered edition by the rabbit himself, in different versions, including a phosphorescent one !
« It's not hard to party» : download the electro-bootycore album here: and share it loud with your friends.

Artwork by : Eat Rabbit