[guÿôm] - The Awareness of Raving Rabbit


Illustration : Nicolas Marmin

D!HR-08 - 2007-10-23


The Awareness of Raving Rabbit

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À propos de la sortie

Da ! Heard It Records opens up to new sonorities with the release of [Guÿôm]’s second album: "The Awareness of Raving Rabbit".
[Guÿôm], capricious super hero and nut case, crosses through several musical spheres. The Little Prince may have visited seven planets, [Guÿôm] makes us discover nine through his pieces. This initiatory voyage with his imaginary friends (such as Big Doudou and the famous Billybob) allows him to become conscious of the absurdities that surround him.
For [Guÿôm], The world is in the image of his musical universe: without border. Well, danse now!

Artwork by : Nicolas Marmin

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