Consensus Et Compromis

A_R_C_C - Consensus Et Compromis


A_R_C_C / Consensus Et Compromis

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For its 43rd release, Da ! Heard It Records tells us about the art of noise.

The minimalist sleeve by Morgane Trouillet gives very few clues as to the exact nature of the contents of Consensus et Compromis. This is why this album by A_R_C_C begins much like one flips through the pages of a book in a bookstore. Not unlike the blurb on the book’s back cover that we quickly scan, the object begins with the applause of an enthusiastic audience commending the duo’s performance. While we search for the reason behind this apparent consensus, we wish to find where the compromise is hiding… The strange “table of contents” that follows, made up of the unpacking of brief metallic frequencies of all genres, soon announces that compromise is out of the question. The radical tuning session among the machines takes the listener directly to the start of a slow underground road movie, where compressed shapes squeal against the walls. They seem to painfully make their way outside, rising up to the surface to uncover an isolated territory where clearer sounds echo to infinity, disturbed only by the industrial remains still running in this imaginary future. We exit this dystopian tale with an urge to go back, as if fascinated by the hostile environment it displays. The cassette ends, we flip it over once more, the applause resounds again; in less than thirty minutes, Edouard Ribuyo and Arnaud Rivière’s collaboration and its chaotic airs evidently does leave everyone in agreement.

Consensus et Compromis, Da ! Heard It Records’ 43rd release is distributed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license.The ’album is available for listen and download at the following address: https://www.daheardit-records.net/en/discography/dhr-43#release

Chroniques : Francemusique.frRevue-et-corrigee.net
Mastering par Fabien Meunier
Illustration par Morgane Trouillet
Communiqué de presse par Germain
Traduction par Danielle Josset
Illustration : Morgane Trouillet
Date de sortie : 2019-11-11

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