Sputnik Booster - Robot Science


Illustration : Otro

D!HR-06 - 2008-06-05

Sputnik Booster

Robot Science

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This time, it is German born Sputnik booster who presents his new album Robot Science. Fifteen electrotrash/8bit pieces created with the sound chips of the Commodore 64, Nintendo Game Boy & Atari ST. The album comes with a front & back sleeve created by the dealer of pixel Otro.
With his new album, Sputnik Booster revisits and customizes our youth with talent. From the first seconds, Robot Science creates an psychological anti-wrinkler. Take out your Mickey shaped ear protectors and your Frizzy Pazzy candy bags, Sputnik along with his atypical copilot, Commodore 64 takes you on a musical road trip of over 50min on his flying Game boy.
On the way, he picks up the Atari to show us his vision of Disco, without forgetting the Commodore 64, Sputnik’s facetious copilot. You get it, Robot Science is a true breath of fresh air, bringing your chilhood memories down out of the attic.

Artwork by : Otro