[Guÿôm] aka Guillaume is first of all a superhero. He discovered his super powers about ten years ago after accidental and fatal exposure to liberal economy speeches. But thanks to his unstoppable will, [guÿôm] survived and gained super powers allowing him to fight without truce against the traders and speculators to set things right and punish the evil. He is equipped with a superhero mask made of vibranium and pure virgin merinos wool (70% minimum) which grants him supra vision thanks to an adamatium catalyst. His clothes were woven from old Pravda numbers, in order to protect himself from the hostile O.P.A. Also, [Guÿôm] relates his adventures through music. The latter is 16 bits (twice as good as 8 bits!!) electro barred, techno parodic, breakcore furious, idm? Screw the labels, [Guÿôm] goes above and beyond restrictive categories.

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Da ! Heard it Records is a netlabel since 2006. The aim of this eclectic record company is to promote new artists and new types if music. D!HR is an outward-looking label, accessible to professional and amateur musicians alike, and to all types of listener, thanks to its policy of open and free culture and to the types of music it publishes. Its albums are distributed under a Creative Commons licence, encouraging sharing and reuse of the music. Now you can discover the musical universe of Da ! Heard It Records on site By subscribing to the rss feed or newsletter you will be kept informed of upcoming releases.


Astroboiler, Anne, Ben Et Béné, Buskerdroid, Bimbo Tower, Computer Truck, Constructions Incongrues Danielle Josset, Denni Montono, Entter, Elise Kobish-Miana, Eat Rabbit, Fita, Gabriel, Jacques Cochise, Julien Bodechon, Junie Briffaz, [guÿôm], Goto80, Marc Blanchard, Maxime Parasite, Mini Roc, Momo Seb, Mobyone, Ilbm, Pastis Hosting, Ptite Gonze, Pia-Mélissa Laroche, Puyo Puyo, Pocketmaster, Rod Droid, Sammy Stein, Satanik Mike, Skinfaxe Sputnik Booster, Sidabitball, Shoboshobo, Stereotype